Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Hanley Spur: Where it all Begins

April, 1974: looking timetable west, the above photo shows the Elliott Avenue level crossing over CN's Kingston Subdivision, just timetable east of the Outer Station. Diverging at left is CN's Hanley Spur. At right are backyards of houses along Montreal Street. The Montreal Street subway under the mainline was removed in 1976. Notice that dark-red sectionhouse just to the right of the spur? The spur is running downgrade, at right, behind the same sectionhouse (below). The dirt roads lead to the mysterious Rosen-leased-to-Canfor lumberyard just east of Montreal Street, site of Skyline Living apartments, and still part of the site's maintenance garage.
October, 1985: these three black-and-white photos show the sectionhouse, looking in the opposite direction. From below grade and the rear (above). At grade, along the remnants of the Kingston Subdivision with the Elliott Avenue crossing in the background (below) crossing the Hanley Spur single-track connection to the Kingston Subdivision still intact:

 The front of the section house.
All photos by Wilf Coombe, posted to online photo-sharing site.

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