Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Canadian Locomotive Co. Loads and Dimensionals, Part 1

STR31262a.001.aa.cs with the track leading from the plant past the waterfront and Shoal Martello Tower
We know that the Canadian Locomotive Co., located on Kingston's waterfront along Ontario Street, produced large numbers of steam locomotives and diesel-electric locomotives during its years of production: 1854-1969. CLC's photo collection is part of the Picturing The Past photo collection of the Canadian Science and Technology Museum. Here are some photos of some interesting loads, mostly undated, with the picture reference number followed by some captioning information. We can draw some information from the dates on the rolling stock. Oldest to newest, smallest to we go! Look for more in this second post!
STR25725a.001.aa.cs Locomootive parts on GTR flat car. Note horsedrawn carriages and Hanley Station in background

STR34989a.001.aa.cs Cupola pots on GTR 64320 flatcar, blt 1921

STR31261a.001.aa.cs Fuel Transfer Structure, undated CP 338859 (same as top photo)

STR31264a.001.aa.cs along Ontario St, undated

STR31265a.001.aa.cs shows interior of car, ehicles and track leaving plant

STR31267a.001.aa.cs Fuel Transfer Structure 

STR35267a.001.aa.cs Dimensional loads, possibly tank segments in CP gondola 353130 
Add captSTR31371a.001.aa.cs Dryer on flat car. Note bracing of loads in these photos.

STR32244a.001.aa.cs dryer on CN 661140 flat car requiring idler cars.

STR32249a.001.aa.cs dryer on flat car CN 661140 with plant flat car and plant switcher.
STR34924a.001.aa.cs Unknown loads on IC flat car and idlers and plant switcher.

STR35356a.001.aa.cs dryer on flat car with CN idler during switching operations.

STR31348a.001.aa.cs CP 301353 with diesel engine on flat car with shopped date March 1964

STR31349a.001.aa.cs Diesel engine tarped on flat car

STR32750a.001.aa.cs Tank on CN 666009 54-foot flat car built in 1966

 STR32750a.001.aa.cs Other end of tank on CN 666009.

STR30296a.001.aa.cs Westinghouse bracket on CN depressed-centre flat car

STR30298a.001.aa.cs Westinghouse bracket on CN depressed-centre flatcar.


  1. Great photos, why did it take so long for such photos to appear for the public?

  2. Great question, U. Here's a progression:
    1. CSTM posts photos to their site some time ago.
    2. Going for a walk on the former Hanley Spur, I become inspired to model it in its heyday.
    3. Associated Railroaders of Kingston share this new-found passion. Someone mentions dimensional loads and I remember accounts of the River Street bridge being modified to allow they to pass under.
    4. I start digging for more prototype information on the spur, returning to the Picturing the Past site which I remember seeing years ago but bypassed.
    5. You are here!

    Thanks for your question!

  3. I have the book Constructed in Kingston, a rare one I'm told, and it shows some interesting non-locomotive loads leaving the plant. Very interesting how they kept everyone employed.

    1. Excellent point, Chris. I'll be consulting my copy and adding it to Hanley Spur resources in an upcoming post.

      While it's too bad CLC couldn't stay competitive in the marketplace, the big boys were just too powerful. If most current Kingstonians were told there was such an extensive enterprise in downtown Kingston, they'd likely not believe it!



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