Sunday, 6 January 2019

Missing 'Mystery' Industries

I'm constantly trying to complete the list of Hanley Spur industries. Some are missing mysteries. Well, they're mysteries to me. And I love a good mystery! From a 1951 aerial photo, I've placed boxes around four of them, three of which have cars spotted.

Mystery 1 - CN crossing Barrack Street north of Ontario, boxcar spotted:

Mystery 2 - CP/shared track south of Ontario Street, east of Princess, very short spur not visible. The coal dock across the tracks had a conveyor on rails that could move parallel along the length of the building to drop coal into the slant-roofed structure.

Mystery 3 - CP south of Ontario Street, east of Brock, boxcar spotted:

Mystery 4 - CP gantry across from City Hall could serve any kind of open car. A PFE ice reefer on the next track north:
This was a very interesting photo that contained a lot of those mystery industries. I'll add more if another such photo surfaces!

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