Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Manuscript! Update! Update! Update!

Time for a quarterly update! I don't think that's overdoing it - an update every three months? The work on my Kingston history manuscript lasted throughout July, wrapping up at the end of that month. Summer  weather and a family wedding intervened. The pace has again picked up. 

I'm pleased to have the valued participation of 'Diesel' Don McQueen, a prolific researcher, author, railfan, historian and photographer who has unique knowledge of the Kingston area. Co-author of Constructed in Kingston, and Canadian National Steam!, Don has contributed photos and a lead-off foreword to this project, and just completed a proofread of my manuscript.

UPDATE to the Update:
Going to the printer for graphic design next week!

Proof pdf received from Allan Graphics.  Looks great!

Proofing done. Waiting for a printed proof copy from graphic designer!


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